This blog is purely for me to document my thoughts, opinions and feelings about art and artists.  All sorts of art – whatever I come across that I feel is worth a mention because it triggers some sort of emotion or reaction in me.  This may be visual art or the written word.

It’s also a place I’d like to share some of my own work – written and visual.

I will state first up that I am not an expert in this area.  I’m a total novice.  I’ve never formally studied the topic.  In fact, my art education ceased at the age of about 14 after being ejected from my school’s art program by the art teacher due to “lack of talent”.  This same teacher used to play audio tapes of women screaming while giving birth to “inspire creativity” – I was pleased to leave her class as it did not inspire creativity for me (and, interestingly, I would now rather stab myself repeatedly in the eye with a blunt stick than give birth).

My introduction to art came from my grandfather who used to paint Australian landscapes using oil paint on masonite and, when he could afford it, canvas.  He made all his own frames, easels and other accessories and prepared his own canvasses.  I guess it’s in my genes – I don’t remember a time where there was a blank wall.  Some of my earliest “art memories” are finger-painting as a four year old at kindergarten, doing crafts with my Gran at her dining table over cups of tea and stealthily poking through my Pa’s home studio when I thought no-one knew.

When I was younger I liked to sketch wildlife.  Then, for a long time, I ignored my creativity but have recently reconnected to it and have discovered I like to paint, write, design (anything!), crochet, scrapbook and facepaint to get my personal art fix.  I have no idea if I’m good at it or not, I just like doing it so I do.

I hope this blog will inspire you (and me) and I look forward to your comments, opinions and feedback.

Don’t ever feel you must agree with me and I’ll look forward to your opposing argument if you don’t.

I believe art is individual, personal and subjective.


22 thoughts on “About

  1. I think we must have had the same art teacher at school – I felt extremely “untalented” at school and dropped art as soon as I could. A shame that a teacher can make students feel that way.
    Fortunate that you found inspirational teachers in your own family 🙂

    • I am lucky 🙂

      I ran into “that teacher” a few years back at a face painting master class. I introduced myself and asked her if she remembered me, she didn’t but said “oh good to see you’re still doing something creative” – no thanks to her!! Time to let that one go to the keeper eh?

    • Thanks for that I’ll look into it, I actually thought wordpress did it automatically. I’ve noticed this happens when I click on other’s gravatars also…

  2. sorry for two separate comments, but it is funny how someone, or some event will label us, and play over and over in our head. Bruce Lee, of martial arts fame was known to say “Let your limit be no limit”

    • That is so true, but why is it always the negative that gets the air play?! I like Bruce Lee’s sentiment though, I am going to adopt that as my own 🙂

  3. hello again… I nominate you for the lovely blogger award, also called the poster who makes me want to visit cool places down under.

    you can check my awards page for the image, but if it is too much work to nominate others, just put up the image and wink knowingly. — best regards bw

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