Art Gluttony’s New Home!

Well Art Gluttony has a new house!  It’s not perfect and I have not fully “unpacked” as such but I’m there and I hope that you’ll continue to visit me in my new location.

I would love to invite you to my official “house warming” but I sadly don’t have email addresses for all of you who followed me here at (due to the nature of – not a bad thing, it just is “what it is”).

So, what I’ll do is continue to post in two locations for the next 10 posts and provide forward links to the new site.  Like a postal redirect if you like!

What I’d love for you to do though is, when you get to my new home, is to sign my visitor’s book!  It’s very easy and acts like “following” on this site and it will ensure you receive all my posts via email!

I promise I will not spam you and I promise not to provide your details to anyone else for annoying reasons!  I hate spammers too!

So, without further polly-waffle, I humbly invite you to step into my new home!

Tell me how you really feel

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