BagBling Gets Funky

If you follow my facebook page you may have heard me mention my pending upgrade to my recent invention which has become affectionately known as BagBling™.

The original design was super functional – a decorative accessory for your bag which is designed to wrap around the bag handle or strap to hold your keys safely inside your bag and within easy reach.  (Check out my previous post for the detail, including a video!)

The idea is that it saves you time and angst (although angst is cooler than stress we still don’t need it) from doing the deep-bag-shuffle among your spare change, old tissues and squashed fruitcake at the bottom of your bag.  And no, I’m not kidding, that actually happened to me.

While certainly functional, this design sadly lacked a little funk.  However, it was a good prototype and market tester and I gathered some good feedback.

Essentially, people thought the idea had merit but felt that the charms were a little “bland” or “generic”.

I totally agree and I fixed it!

I decided to blend my newfound love of resin with my functional invention!

Resin - Mookra Yard

Image 17

Ready to assemble

The photographic versions all contain my original photography (some of which has been shown here previously) and/or photographs of my artwork and so can be repeated, if I choose.

The other style, although a few might appear similar, are each individually handcrafted using an inking process, stamps and other random bits & pieces so won’t ever be identical.

Resin - Group Shot

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome as it’s more creative, is handcrafted and is my original work.  I think overlaying the artwork with the resin just does something magical to it by giving it a three dimensional, liquid look.  I dig it.

AND, it seems I’m not the only one to find it more appealing as I have already filled and delivered my first official order of 70 units for a wedding!

I was stoked to be able to create the BagBling™ pendants, complete with gorgeous packaging and labelling, for Annie and Shane’s country wedding held at their home.  These were used as “thank you gifts” (or a type of bonbonniere) for all the gorgeous gals attending the wedding.

Given they are all individually made it did take quite a while to create but was super good fun! Here’s the process in photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would like to sincerely thank Annie for the opportunity to create these for her and Shane on their super amazing day and my mum for helping put it all together!

So what do you reckon?

6 thoughts on “BagBling Gets Funky

    • Thanks Kristine! For now, you can contact me direct for orders/purchase or via my facebook page – click like over there on the right 🙂

      I’ll be adding more pictures of the various designs on the facebook page soon and am researching a “shopping cart” option and places like Etsy for purchase in the future 🙂

  1. Thanks Michelle for making all those BagbBlings for the wedding , I loved that they were so individual and unique xxx

    • Thanks Granny Jules – I loved making them that way. In fact, I think I’m going to make some more tomorrow as I’ve found a shop that said they might sell them on my behalf so I need samples!

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