Lately my dreams have been very vivid and lifelike.  A week and a half ago I had what I describe as an apocalyptic nightmare that was so real and etched onto my brain in such vivid detail that I still remember it clearly.

Some people believe dreams can be prophetic.  I think they are subconscious mind’s way of attempting to resolve or acknowledge that which remains unresolved in the conscious mind.  Given the recent major changes in my life it is probably not surprising I dreamt of “the end”.

Regardless, the nature of the dream has stuck with me and got me thinking.  Sometimes my dreams are so damn interesting (and scary) that it’s like watching an awesome (and free) movie in which I am the lead character!

My dreams are normally scattered, random and out of sequence – so much so that I generally know I am dreaming at the time.  This dream was different.  It still had some of the randomness of regular dreams but it didn’t feel so weird, more like being a part of a science-fiction, futuristic yet totally believable movie.

As always, I awake when things are just about to get really exciting – why is that?  Last week’s dream left me wanting more – just like “real life”, I want to know what happens next.

Given it’s 10 days since I dreamt it and it still ultra vivid I thought I would use it as a creative writing exercise and share it for your reading pleasure, analysis and feedback.

I’ve written it as to reflect it exactly as it occurred, without additional embelleshment or changes to have it make “more sense”.


Click here to venture into Part 1 of my Apocalyptic Nightmare.

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