I have some pretty exciting news.

After making my position redundant last year, my employer offered me an optional, severance package.  I took it.  I finished on 15th February, 2013.

Game OVERRRRR!  Just like that, after 12 years of 100% effort I just left.  And you know what?  It didn’t hurt a bit!

I’ve had quite mixed reactions from friends, family and (ex)colleagues ranging from hugely supportive to suspicion of severe head trauma or temporary insanity.

I simply recognised it for what it was.  A chance for escape.  An opportunity for a do-over.  CTRL ALT DEL. F5.

I grabbed that opportunity with both hands then bolted out the door, giggling maniacally all the way.  Seriously, I was a tiny bit sad because there are some friends and nice people I worked with that I will no longer get to see on a daily basis. However, it’s not like they or I have died or anything so I figure we can still catch up.

As a farewell “card”, my colleagues gave me this:

Witches Hat

I think it was because once I wore a bright orange top to work then somehow wound up doing traffic control for the Tour Down Under.  Upon arrival I realised I looked more like a traffic bollard than the actual traffic bollards did.  The police wanted to position me in the middle of the road to direct traffic I was that freakin’ bright…

Since making my decision on 13th February – everyone’s been asking me what my plans are.  My plan is to make a plan.  I want to work out how I can generate income in a manner that’s more pleasing than other methods I’ve tried in the past.  (Yes, I did just watch Pretty Woman.  No, I will not be heading to Hollywood Boulevard anytime soon).

I’ve been busy and productive in spite of having a damn summer flu ever since I left work (although clearly this has not been reflected in my blogging).  I’ve reading, researching and creating a lot.  I hope this, combined with a good mental attitude, will lead to the opportunities I want.

So far, as you know, I finished the Garden Door which is now up for sale.

My cousin’s fiancé, Annie, also invited me to be one of her bridesmaids for their wedding.  I was pretty stoked about that as I’m a super fan of them, both as individuals and as a couple.  They are the lovelies that I stayed with for my most recent road trip.

Annie also asked if I could create 70 bag bling items for her to purchase as bonbonniere or small gifts for the women guests at the wedding!  So I’ve madly been creating, I’m up to 42 and have less than a week to finish!  They’re not the same as the last ones, less “made in china” and more unique.  They  incorporate my own original designs, photography and artwork (more on this later).

There has also been some suggestion of some artwork being required for another family wedding in August this year but the details are yet to be resolved.

It’s all a bit mental but in a very good way!

So there you go, that’s my exciting news.

Have you ever taken a blind leap of faith?

4 thoughts on “CTRL ALT DEL

  1. I certainly did take a blind leap of faith. Left an Air Traffic Controller’s job, sold my place and car in Malta, came to Australia 6 yrs to start a Uni degree with the plan to stay in the country; knowing only one person and no job. And it has been my best decision in life so far. 🙂
    Hence why I would never ever discourage you or anyone else from pursuing their dreams.

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