Franklin Hotel Garden Doors

Inspired by my love of silhouettes, mystery, old stuff, crows and juxtaposition.  Opposites attracting – an aged, textured door stripped back to reveal the multiple layers of paint it once held and a simple, monochromatic design.

What secrets would an old, salvaged door hold?  Where did it reside in it’s previous life?  What did it keep in or who did it keep out?

Once I’d stripped the door of it’s original grey/green enamel paint to reveal its soul, I couldn’t simply repaint over it.  I was compelled to keep the rough, exposed texture as a backdrop and an integral part of the overall design.

Garden Door - Stripped

Stripped bare to reveal it’s soul

I have always adored black crows and their air of mystique.  Sleek, homochromatic, tenebrous gatekeepers.  For me it was the perfect partnering to the backdrop – silent guardians of this door’s secrets.

I started this project back in September last year.  It should not have taken me anywhere near this long to complete, I really have no excuse.

My procrastination on this project was about fear.  Fear that whatever I did would not measure up to other works already done on this project (which are amazing). Fear of failure. Interestingly the door journey ran parallel to a few things going on elsewhere in my life.  The door seemed to be the physical manifestation of all these things.

I decided the door was symbolic of my future – allowing one door to close and another to open.  I HAD to finish the door to be able to step through it.  My future hinged on the door (pardon the pun).

As I stripped away the layers of paint from the door I also stripped the bullshit and baggage of “what if  they think it’s garbage?”.

First, who are “they”?  Apparently, in my head, there are these fiends whose main purpose is to run around deliberately destroying ideas, joy and pride.  I decided that in reality it was unlikely that anyone would walk up to me and say “gees, that’s a crap job you did on that”.

Second, not everyone likes everything – art is subjective.  Some people may love what I’ve done, others may not and that’s ok.

Once demons had retreated, I was able to complete the project.  And I enjoyed the process – both the creative and ‘hardware’ aspects.  I loved it in fact!

Garden Door - Creative Process

Creative Process

Garden Door - Hardware


So finally, it is quite literally signed, sealed and delivered! It is residing at the Franklin Hotel where it is now on display, and for sale, with the other doors.

Garden Door - Finished Product

Signed, sealed and delivered!

I didn’t do this alone and have many people I would like to thank for their patience, support, encouragement and for believing when I did not.  George, Donna, Emma, Mandi, Mum and Dad, the lovely and very knowledgeable “paint guy” from Bunnings Modbury and Nathan of the Franklin Hotel – sincerely, thank you.

If you would like to travel the journey of this door with me please click herehere and here!  Or else meet me at the Franklin for a cider!

15 thoughts on “Franklin Hotel Garden Doors

  1. Great work Michelle for finishing it and conquering all those pesky thoughts!
    I think it turned out great!! You must feel such a great sense of achievement!! You should be really proud!! 🙂

  2. You should feel very proud of yourself – other people may have done lots to help you along the way, but only YOU have the talent to achieve the end result!! Looks great and hopefully I (we) might even go to see the finished project in situ.

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