Resin Class

I did a resin class and totally loved it!  Well except for the fact that, just as you mix the two parts of resin, it looks a little like snot and I have a major snot phobia.

This phobia usually results in dry retching and screaming on my part until the offending booger is removed from my sight.  (Seriously, I can’t help it – it’s automatic and instant and got way worse after I was hypnotised to give up smoking by thinking of snot…)

My worst nightmare is little kids in swimming pools with that goop streaming from their noses directly into their mouths and it is the reason why I tied hankies to my cousins’ sleeves when they were little – there was no freaking way I was wiping those thick channels of goo pouring from their little noses.  Ughhh.

Fortunately my resin experience wasn’t too bad as the resin goes from slightly snotty to clear and runny  quite fast – whew, crisis averted.

Back on topic, mum and I found this gorgeous little place called Selonj Beads who sell beads and a billion other gorgeous things.  They also run a variety of classes on the weekends so we booked in for ink stamping and resin.

It was fantastic!  Jacqueline made us cups of tea, sat us down at a small table in the back of the shop and away we went, under her instruction.  She was a very good instructor but I’m not an terribly good listener.  I hear about half a sentence, get excited and off I go – usually in the wrong direction because I haven’t heard the full instruction and I’m impatient.  I’m more of a doer and fare better when I can “learn on the job” or by my mistakes.

So here’s my creation.

Resin Bangle (Side View)

Resin Bangle (Top View)

I used special alcohol ink on glossy paper for the background then used a rubber stamp and an archival ink pad to create the black foreground.  I also plopped in a couple of those blingy stones, more because it was sort of expected than because I actually wanted to.

Considering my learning style, I think it is not bad for a first effort.

I have a gazillion more ideas of how I can use this process and combine it with my own work but I guess I really should wait until I finish my garden door project first, right?

Well I am onto that like a kid on a cupcake, right after I finish typing this.  I can do that while I’m waiting for these two I attempted at home by myself to cure!

Resin Rings

19 thoughts on “Resin Class

  1. I like the look of it — must a been tough as a kid with the snot thing, I can imagine the boys gave you no end of grief!

    I know what you mean about listening. Instructions are for others, whoops!

    • They were wee little kids and I was a teen – I don’t think they meant to be gross but it really was! And yeah, I don’t do instructions. I like a dot point summary which allows me to work things out for myself!

  2. Awesome work. That is very impresive.

    You can maybe, somehow, combine the 2 together… Door Project and Resin Project 🙂

  3. The class was great and Jacquie was extremely patient. She had her hands full – Michelle who charges in and me who dithers about trying to decide one what colours go together. End result is great though … Next the door project THEN more resin designs!!!

      • You don’t just have to use bezels, I buy molds from a few suppliers online, etsy have some great ones. I also raid my local pound shop for ice cube trays and silicone baking trays

      • I knew about the molds and wondered about the other trays (eg whether they’d be easy to get the resin out off). I haven’t tried this way as yet – are there any tips or tricks I should know? Or maybe I’ll just blam into it and see what happens 🙂

    • Do you mean as in what is it used for generally? I only know of its use for jewellery and the like but I’m sure there are other types and uses. Did you have something in mind?

      • I didn’t really have anything specific in mind. I guess I was just wondering of it could be easily used for anything more practical than jewellery

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