Creative Block

I have creative block.  Seriously, I’m backed up like an old outback dunny.

I have this project, the Garden Doors, that I mentioned some months ago with much excitement.  I had a bit of an idea in my head about what I’d paint on it and was mulling things over in my head.

Since then I’ve sanded the door back, and I love the texture so much I want to preserve it as part of the design.  It’s just too good to hide.

Garden Door

I want to compliment the texture with whatever I do and  I think I have it in my head yet seem to be unable to get it out and onto paper, let alone the door.

The clock is ticking and I’m really no closer to finishing than I was 2 months ago.

The Franklin Hotel has enquired (as they should) with regard to my progress and I got more stuck.

The more the clock ticks the more stuck I become.

The more I see other artists versions of project the more stuck I become.

I’ve tried all the suggestions my Facebook friends offered – walking barefoot on the grass to ground myself, taking a nap to come up with fresh ideas.  I took myself off to the art gallery (albeit briefly, but that’s another story) for some inspiration.

My friend sent me this, via Facebook, from StumbleUpon (click the picture to take you to the page).


I’m struggling with the last two items, clearly.

I am pretty sure it’s fear.

This is supposed to be what I enjoy doing.  Instead, I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a semi trailer truck bearing down on it at 120km per hour  – I’m paralysed, unable to help myself.

I’m not sure when I became such a wimp.

HELP!!  How do you tackle situations where fear or uncertainty hamper your way forward?

13 thoughts on “Creative Block

    • Yes. It’s not the idea I don’t trust but the ability to create it and how it will be perceived, in comparison to others work. My idea is quite a simple silhouette, basic but still can’t seem to get it down on paper!

      • sometimes, talking helps, it moves ideas into that piece of the brain that builds speech applying new insight.

        I think that when art is honest, it shows, and trusting yourself helps.

        Didn’t you take an art course recently. Can you talk to the instructor to exchange ideas ?

        I believe in you.

      • This is good – I will talk some more about it. Funny you mention that course as I just booked myself in for another four week block starting in February.

        Thanks for the belief 🙂

      • the thing is, not to compare your work to others, it won’t be better or worse, just different. And as to selling, you don’t need many buyers, just one.

        as for belief, I believe if you trust your heart and your art, it will be honest, and who can ask for more?

      • True. I need to focus on the process and the joy it gives rather than the outcome. I think I will spend today, my final day of vacation, working on it.

  1. In software development, our creative process is iterative/refining. Couldn’t you try something like that? i.e. Draw a series of silhouettes and see where it takes you… That’s how I usually tackle my creative ideas – not that mine is art/painting :-p Good luck 🙂

  2. As an artist I know this feeling – there is only one solution, and that’s to START! No more talking, researching, thinking about it…its a door canvas, you are an artist. Begin at the beginning, pick up a pencil and start, somewhere, anywhere on that door – you can do it. The process will unfold as you begin – the more you worry about it, the more afraid you become of it…..which is crazy, because you REALLY WANT TO DO THIS! You are awesome, you can do anything once you start. xx

    • Thanks Mandi – I have spent the morning cleaning my car and various other forms of procrastination. You’re right – I need to get my Nike on and “just do it”!

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