Goal Setting

At 10am on the 1st of January 2013 I sat, still in my pyjamas with a cigarette and coffee (from my new wonderous coffee machine) pondering my resolutions of:

  1. 6am morning walk with Bundy each day
  2. No smoking as of midnight 31 December 2012


I like to get the whole resolution thing about the way early, alleviates the pressure you know?  The only new year resolution I’ve ever kept is the one where I decided not to try quitting smoking for the entire year…

It seems not only do I not like taking orders from others, I’m not real flash at taking my own orders either.  So please don’t confuse this post with a new years resolution.

I said I was going to make goals for this little blog and I now have (that’s a good start I figure).  Then I debated whether or not I’d share them.  I think I should, it keeps me accountable and I need that given I’m clearly all out of willpower.  I realise the year has just started but I’m pretty sure I was low on willpower in the first place and I’ve used what little I did have the first 18 times I quit smoking.

Anyway, these are my plans.

Embrace my erraticity – all the time.

(Yes, erraticity is a word I created by myself – I do that when the english language has not provided sufficiently for my purposes.  Definition: the fact or state of belonging to behaviour which has uneven, unpredictable or irregular patterns or movement).

Essentially, I’m going to go with the flow (which is unlike me, I’m a natural born controller).  I’ll write what I like and make it fit for purpose (or not) because I’m the boss of me in this realm!

Collaborate with another Blogger – monthly perhaps?

My friend Akka and I have some ideas about sharing our creative finds in our respective cities.  She’s an ex Adelaidian, now residing in Melbourne.  It is not a competition though, cos if it was she’d probably win.  (Ok, not probably).  Anyway, I think it’ll be fun and motivating.

Explore iPhonography

I’ve started a passionate love affair with my iPhone camera.  The idea is that I’ll continue and “bare my soul” via my own photography using only an iPhone and app based editing tools.  AND I will endeavour to use 95% of my own photos for pictorial purposes (sometimes I “borrow” them from Google, which is not an actual sin, to my knowledge).  Maybe this way more of my actual self will leak out (just what the world needs, another leaky blogger).

Write regular posts – at least weekly.

My issue is that I get inspired all at once and write 4 or 5 drafts (like now, I’m actually writing three posts simultaneously) and then I post them within days of each other (because I get super excited and think everyone else will be too, although I have no direct evidence to support this).  Then I run out of puff and wonder if anyone actually reads them and I disappear for weeks on end, until the next wave of creativity hits.  Sigh…

My ideas to diversify, by adding creative writing and iphonography to the Art Gluttony portfolio, will hopefully ensure I have fodder for consistent weekly commitment.

(Having said all that, I vaguely recall receiving advice at Problogger 2012 which indicated that diversification may not be the smartest move (probloggers tend to have a specific niche).  But I figure that I seem to be a scholar of learning the hard way and besides, it’s a good way to test what works and what doesn’t.  I can always pull back later, if need be).

Smart Goals

My friend tells me that goals must be SMART – specific, measurable etc etc (I always forget the rest of the meanings but you get the gist).

  • I will increase my Facebook page friends to 100 by the end of February 2012 – some of which will be people I do not actually know personally. (I currently have 52, all friends).  Click here if you’d like to help me with that (or else I can resort to “stand-over tactics” which will also assist with my bounty hunter training).
  • I will increase my WordPress followers from 95 to 100 by the end of January 2013 and 150 by June 2013.  Again, feel free to help with that!
  • I will write a post each week from now until the end of March 2013 at which time I will review progress and strategy.
  • I will ensure each post will have at least one picture attached that is of my own creation.


Ok, so sue me , I couldn’t find anything relevant.

However, this clearly embraces my erraticity and is where I do some of my best thinking (which really doesn’t say much as I only have a bath about once a year although I do shower regularly).

Are you still with me?

2 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. This is great M!
    I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about our little colab.. we really should get on to that… no competition of course!! 😉

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