Family Business

When I became an inventor (yes, I’m claiming that title proudly) I had total dreams of grandeur!  In my mind, my creation was so marvellous that I was pretty certain that not only the entire world would want one but that I would have my ideas poached and stolen my large businesses.

True story.  I was convinced that the very minute it went online Mr Tiffany would find my invention and want me on board with his amazing team of designers and jewellers.  I even had visions of the “business trips” I’d be making to New York and any other location I was required.  (Either that or he’d just steal it from me and make it better and I’d spend the rest of my life telling anyone who’d listen “I made that first”.  Vivid imagination eh?)

I first created the idea out of my obsessive need for order and calm – I told it to mum who put my idea into actuality (is that a word?) and together we pumped out forty of these brilliant little masterpieces to “test the market”.  I even researched registering designs, patents and trademarks – so convinced I was on a winner!

I planned and executed my product photography, I made an Etsy store and my mate and I even made a commercial!

Then the big moment came and I launched my product to the world via the trusty internet.

Yes!!!  I was solving my own problem regarding my recent redundancy!  I had become an entrepreneur, designer and inventor – all in the space of two weeks!  Hot damn – Richard Branson has nothing on me!

Ten minutes after the launch I checked my email, utterly convinced there would be a barrage of sales, enquiries and orders.  I was anticipating the long hours mum and I would sit creating our product, til our fingers bled, for our eager customers.

Nothing.  I clicked refresh 14 more times.  Still nothing.

I checked my internet connection, it was definitely working…  Still nothing.

Inbox Empty

Fast forward 8 days later and I’m proud to report I’ve sold a total of 6 items!

Admittedly I have sold them to my aunty and sister-out-of-law.  It seems what I’ve done is create a family business, quite literally!  Made by family, sold to family!

Hardly peaking at the grandiosity I’d envisaged but hey, you gotta laugh!

The best bit is – I love my invention and it works perfectly for me (since using it I’ve had zero tantrums over lost keys!)  I also got to spend a couple of afternoons hanging with my mum, creating and chatting at her kitchen table (aka “the sweat shop”) while eating cake and countless drinking cups of tea (to keep our stamina up of course!)

I happily raise a toast to my family business!


4 thoughts on “Family Business

  1. Another great post – I re-lived all the dramas ! You never know what the future might bring but one thing I believe is you must keep writing!! I love reading your posts

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