Grateful is cleaning up ex-sloppy-now-dried dog shit from a long pile rug.

You think I’m mad right?  I’m not – I’m actually lucky.  Very, very bloody lucky.

My dog Bundy awoke me at the start of the week with some urgency to be let outside.  While I don’t like losing sleep I was pleased that he had finally learned to tell me when he had “issues”.  My previous dog, Cooper, was a gun at this.  He’d come to the side of the bed and keep nudging me til I woke and did not spill a drop until outside.  Bundy, well, not so much – let’s call him a slow learner.

I went back to sleep after letting him out and didn’t think anything of it until I went to vacuum said rug, 5 days later. There, to my delight (not) was a dried out splatter of shit – pretty much everywhere.   (You may be wondering why I didn’t smell this.  Truth is I actually have NO sense of smell whatsoever, never have.  This clearly has advantages and disadvantages…)

In anger and frustration I donned my cleaning gloves and, after using a paint scraper to get the dried, caked poo loose (oh yes, I’m taking you with my on this journey dammit) I got the hot water and the special carpet cleaning spray and scrubbed.

And scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.

For 45 freakin minutes I scrubbed!

As I scrubbed I grumbled about the “damn dog and his sensitive gut” and the fact that he could have “told” me it was there, like maybe 5 days earlier thanks.

I bitched about how this was cutting into my schedule which, in turn, was cutting into my creative time.

I moaned because I was soon to have house guests and didn’t “need this shit”, literally.

Then it occurred to me just how damn lucky I was.

Today, in Newtown, Connecticut, there are families, friends and an entire community grieving for lost love ones.  Imagine the horror of realising your child had just been gunned down while at school.  Small children whose hopes, dreams and lives were callously ended with the single twitch of an insane finger.  Potential lost, hearts broken and lives shattered.

Closer to home in Port Elliot, there is another family who are facing their first Christmas without their son and brother.  A sweet, 4 year old boy tragically killed, before his family’s eyes, in a road accident that could have been prevented had pedestrian lights been installed when previously requested by the very same little boys mum.

How do you recover from a loss like these people are experiencing?

So instead of grumbling, bitching and moaning I thought of those people and their families as I scrubbed.

I thought of how lucky I am to be looking forward to spending this Christmas day with those I love.

I thought of how lucky I am that my niece and nephew are safe and happy.

I thought of how lucky I am to have a beautiful dog (inspite of his wayward bowels).

I thought of how grateful I am that scrubbing five day old dog shit from a long pile rug was the worst thing that happened to me today.

And this is what the little angel was doing while I scrubbed…

What are you grateful for today?

If would like to support the installation of pedestrian traffic lights at Port Elliot, and prevent another tragedy, please visit and sign the petition here.

7 thoughts on “Grateful

    • I have felt sad all day about this. It did help to reflect but I am still so shocked and sickened by todays events. I kind of understand how Gran must have felt about “society” as she got older.

  1. You never get over the grief – you just learn to live with it.
    I’m grateful I was able to have another baby – never a replacement for the first but grateful to have the joy of another child in my life again.

    My heart aches for those poor parents who lost their children today. Hoping they can move through the difficult early stages of grief quickly.

  2. Thank you for mentioning hunter & the dews plight, I hope we can get people to sign the petition, write/email the Alexandrina council & reconsider or at the least do the stats again at a busy time of year & average it out! His life can’t have been list in vain I don’t know that the family, friends & small coastal town could recover 😦 we can always be grateful for who we are & what we have in the face of these atrocities & seemingly senseless acts, I hope more people feel this way & give thanx every single day xxx

  3. Thank you for me rooming little hunter & the Dew families plight. It is days like these that it is easier to appreciate our situations & be thankful for the family & friends we have. How hard it is to watch this family grieve, to watch friends, family & community strive to find meaning in these kinds of disaster. I hope people do sign the petition & perhaps wordsmiths like yourself can take the time to email the council & press them for further more reliable statistics & research to base this important decision on, I fear the community will struggle to move on & put the pieces back together if Hunters death was in vain. His family & those who knew him will continue to struggle for a very long time but knowing his life lost has touched people helps them xxxx

    • You’re very welcome. I did not know Hunter or his family but saw the YouTube clip via Facebook and was sad for the family and sickened at the inaction of the local council.

      I shall write to the Council and sign the petition. Perhaps you and I can discuss other strategies separately, private message me if you like 🙂

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