Putting the funk into function!

I’m one of those people who are forever losing their keys.  Seriously, I’m repeatedly late for events because I can’t recall where I put the damn things.  Then I chuck a major tantrum and curse enough to make Gordon Ramsay blush while wildly throwing things about and turning my house, and my handbag, upside down in the ensuing search.

Then there’s the other scenario where I’m laden with a handbag, my groceries and a hot caffe latte while dashing through the car park to get out of the rain (or just out, I hate grocery shopping!).  I get to the car and spend 20 minutes rummaging and fumbling about like a lunatic trying to find those darn keys again (that have invariably wound up buried at the bottom of my bag among the loose change, used tissues and that hard boiled egg I appear to be saving for the post mayan apocalypse).

My potty mouth is once more activated, the grocery bags are dumped unceremoniously on the ground and the latte slapped down on the car roof as I struggle… Arghhhhhh!

I have a need for order (some may say an obsessive need) yet for some reason, when it comes to my keys, it is pure, unadulterated chaos.

So I’ve invented something.  I think of it as a “necessary accessory” which puts the funk into function by adding bling to my hand bag while keeping my keys within easy reach!  How cool is that, right?  I mean who doesn’t love accessories for their accessories??

The necessary accessory

The necessary accessory

Anyway, because I’m a giver and have decided to own and like my stuff, I’ve made a few different styles and will test the market with them.  Yes, I’m sharing.  I figure I can’t be the only one suffers this plight.

So please check out my “commercial” and see how it all works!

Oh and if you’re stuck for a gift (it is that time of year) or simply want to reduce your own blood pressure without giving up anything fun, feel free to pop along to my Etsy store and grab one for yourself – there are currently 12 styles to choose from.

I have some more ideas for the future which would involve me creating my own artwork to use in place of the existing charms – I just thought I’d see if there was any interest out there or whether this need was just my OCD kicking into overdrive!

I’d love your feedback on my funky little invention (and my amazing acting ability!).

I need a name for my creation – what would you call it?

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