Pavement Art by Ulla Taylor

I discovered this, while dashing around Southbank trying to cram in some last minute shopping with the desperation of an ageing “single” at a speed dating session.

Pavement Artist, Ulla Taylor created this – her work is lovely!  So whimsical and free.

I love the concept of creating out on the streets but would be way too daunted to have anyone watch me create.  That idea still freaks me out – hence the reason why I was a bit of a failure at face painting.  I’d shake like a leaf with an audience and the designs would then look like the 5 year old kid I was painting had done it themselves!

Obviously Ulla has no such performance issues – her work was wonderful.  I didn’t actually get to meet Ulla as she had dashed off for an “amenities break” but I met her partner who appeared to be a performing artist working in the same area.  What a team!  Can you imagine the lifestyle?  It all sounds very glamourous to me – especially given my role as a “desk jockey” who is currently without a desk!

I checked out Ulla’s website too and she’s pretty talented with her work taking her around Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  She creates “(con)temporary street and corporate events”.

And yes, I came away with a postcard – I couldn’t resist Ulla’s work and I like to support artists so they can continue creating for my viewing pleasure!  I couldn’t imagine a world without art.

This is a Rainbow Lorikeet which is a native Australian bird.  I chose it because it reminded my of my friend’s, now departed, bird called Digger.  Digger was a bit of character and had a quirky little habit of tucking himself into bed at night.  He would empty out his small plastic water bowl, drag it into the corner of his cage and then cover himself over with it like it was a blanket – and that’s how he slept til the sun came up!  Weird huh?

If you’d like to see more of Ulla’s work you can visit her in Melbourne or, if it’s a little easier, here.

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