Artmarks of Melbourne

Melbourne CBD is a pretty funky place

– it’s very publicly creative with lots of street art and sculpture integrated into the environment. It’s like Melbournian town planners have a mandate to include creativity when designing and developing infrastructure and public space – function and aesthetics. I totally dig that.

See? We don’t have bees on buildings in conservative little Adelaide.

As you know from my PanelPop discovery, I visited Melbourne recently with my Mum (ok, ok – so it was a month ago I’ll admit I’ve been a wee bit slack of late). The Melbourne trip was my “poor man’s replacement for New York” – more about this in later post where I intend to have a bit of a whinge and a rant (consider yourselves forewarned).

Anyway, back on topic. Melbourne IS funky and I went a bit ballistic with my mobile photography so I’m going to divide my finds up into several posts starting with Artmarks which, for the layperson, are landmarks of the creative or artistic variety.

(I may or may not have just made that term up but I’m pretty sure Oxford and Google will contact me shortly to have this officially included in their definition repertoire. You heard it here first people – you can tell everyone that you knew me before I made it big!)

Weird Eye Sculpture Thingee

I have no idea what this sculpture is or if it means anything to anyone but it was suitably arty and weird to qualify. It was a popular place for people to have their photos taken too. I don’t know that I think it is amazing or anything but I liked it because it broke up the scenery and you could always say “oh meet me at the weird eye sculpture thingee on Southbank” and people would totally know where you meant. Which is what I reckon this guy did…

Just divorced guy

He probably sent a global tweet out on his favourite online dating site saying “Helllllooo ladies, meet me at the weird eye sculpture – I’m the just divorced guy, you can’t miss me”.

Then there is this cheery fella.  Before I go on I need you to know that my mum is a really nice person – polite, ladylike, well spoken for the most part and respectable.  One of those mum’s you’re ok inviting out with your friends because she won’t embarrass you – an all round “good sort”.

Anyway, I commented on the cheeriness of the fella on the post.  Mum remarks, rather uncharacteristically, “he’s sitting on a post, perhaps that’s why he’s so happy” and just walks off!  She’ll probably kill me for telling you that so if you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know why!

Another easy artmark – just meet me on Brunwick Street, near the dude happily impaled on a post!

It is cool though, don’t you think?  Not just the impaled dude, but the whole concept of sculpture and public art.  It provides visual interest to break up the blandness of the urban landscape as well as providing meeting places, talking points and humour!  I just feel better knowing it’s there and it inspires me to be more creative.

I like it and would like to see more of it around Adelaide and her suburbs – why are some places just more creative than others?  Who decides that?

12 thoughts on “Artmarks of Melbourne

  1. You’re right, I will kill you later!! But I have to say, it’s soooo good to have you writing again!!! I have missed your wit ….and this brought back so many good moments of our Melbourne adventure!!
    Please write more so I can re-live the time from your perspective!!

  2. “Artmarks”! Love it! Stealing it!
    Melbourne IS funky… so happy for my move! I should take more photos of all the art I see and post for you 🙂

      • The weather isn’t THAT bad.. just sporadic, but at least it keeps you on your toes!
        Maybe we could create an art challenge for each other to seek out things in our own city for a post?

      • YES!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea! Shall we set goals like once a week or just go “hell for leather”?! Wanna sync posting days and/ or cross link blogs?

        Ohhh I just went all Type A on u didn’t I? Lol!

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