Natures Impressions

SALA 2012 is rocking my knee high socks!  I recently a photography exhibition – Natures Impressions.

The photographer is Julie Camilleri of Captured in TimePhotography.  Stunning girl, stunning work.

My friend, George, loves photography so I invited him to join me.  After starting our evening with a creative entree we proceeded to the exhibition.

The exhibition was fan-bloody-tastic!  I thought the photos would be traditional style prints but instead Julie had them printed onto canvas giving them this amazing painted appearance.  They were displayed on easels making the illusion even more believable.  Honestly, I had to peer super close and it was still hard to tell – only the fact that I knew she was a photographer told me the truth.

Each exquisite picture seemed to draw me in as emitted some sort of emotion, feeling or memory.


Blissful contentment…

Roadtripping freedom…

This one had me wanting to strip off and dive in!  (Don’t panic, I didn’t try it.) But the water just looks so cool, clear and inviting…

There was also some of my favourite type of photography – macro.  I just find the close-up so fascinating.  Very “Alice in Wonderland”.  Like you’ve tumbled, uninvited but welcomed into a new world.

Oh to be able to create work like that!  I have quite a reasonable camera but I really have no idea how to use it, instead relying mostly on my very easy to carry iPhone and instagram.

I also loved that some of Julie’s work displayed was taken in local areas that I could relate to personally (others inspired me to go to local places I haven’t been but really should have!)

The bizarre thing, my friend who accompanied me is from Malta.  He looked at one Julie’s exhibits and said, pointing:

“that’s Malta.  I know where it was taken – there’s a shoe shop around there and my grandma lived up the road here”.

How darn freaky is that?

It was a great night and I’d like to give a big thanks to Julie for the invite, the laughs and for providing me with the amazingly, exquisite photos to include in this post!

The Exhibition continues until 31 August, 2012 at Caos Cafe, West Hindley Street if you’d like to see the magic, up-close, for yourself!

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6 thoughts on “Natures Impressions

  1. Now you tell me you wanted to strip off and dive in?? Bring on Summer I say. I had a fantastic time that night. Any more exhibitions coming up? :))

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