Garden Doors

The Franklin Hotel in Adelaide has an interesting and creative project on the go for local artists.

The Hotel is offering recycled doors to artists to take away and paint their own design on them.  As I understand it, the painted door is then returned and displayed within the pub and offered for sale with the proceeds (minus the cost of materials) going to the artist.

A good friend told me about this project and suggested it might be something I could get involved with.  I decided to visit the pub to check it out (any excuse for another “cultured evening“!).

First, I’ll tell you about the food.  It was sort of a “tapas-style” menu so the idea was to choose a few dishes and share them – a great way to sample more of the cuisine than you would with a traditional style menu.

The food was amaaaaazing.  Seriously, GOOD!  My friend and I shared a taste-bud-treat-feast of pork and veal meatballs with soft gorgonzola polenta & gremolata; pulled pork buns with tomato jam, gruyere cheese & dill ducumbers; smokey, chilli fried chicken wings; potato bombs with spicy chorizo centre & roast pepper sauce and sautéed peas, speck & goats curd.  I didn’t think it would be enough but it was, more than enough actually!

We washed it down with warm spiced cider (a delicious, wintery drink – a unique blend created by the Hotel) and a crisp, South Australian, Sauvignon Blanc.


After being happily side-tracked with food and wine I investigated what I came for – the art.  In general, this Hotel is a very funky place – from the louvred door feature wall to the funky coke crate light fittings…

Photo courtesy of the Franklin Hotel website

The painted doors already on display look brilliant in the setting – they’d look brilliant anyway actually.

Artist to be advised

I love this one – it sort of reminds me of a young Demi Moore.


But this one was equally as awesome.

Artist to be advised

There is more on display than what I’ve shown here – I just gave you a taste to encourage you to get in there.  If not for the art, at least go for the food!

So, will I join the project?

I was kind of intimidated by the calibre of work and, while the thought of having my art displayed is exciting, it’s also scary – not so much that it has put me off wanting to give it a go though.  I reckon I’ll do it – now to come up with an idea…

11 thoughts on “Garden Doors

  1. Just do it, Michelle! You’re a star and how brilliant will it be to have your work captured on a door…maybe it’ll lead to more doors opening (pun intended) 😉

  2. Definitely take it on……no matter what you decide to paint on it you will have already succeeded by doing it. How about a 3D sort of … know…. xo

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