Cats of Venice

Some time ago I stumbled upon a photographic exhibition by travel photographer, Dave Underwood.  I purchased a few (ok, ok “quite a few”!) of his photographic prints to hang in my hallway.

After I’d hung the prints I realised I had two “spare” which, although I loved them, didn’t work with the display intent I was trying to achieve.  So, given my “Art Rescue” rule that good art must be viewed and not left to collect dust, I’ve decided to share the love and sell them.

If you are interested, please visit my auction on eBay.  I’m selling them as a pair and have started the auction at AUD$0.99.  I’d really like someone to enjoy these as much as I do.

Each print is encased with hard cardboard backing and glass front (refer to eBay photos) and measures approximately 18 x 24cm (7 x 9.5 inches).

(If you’re one of my “international readers” and are interested please contact me direct to arrange postage costs as I’m not sure if the auction shows up internationally).


Feel free to share this post with anyone you feel might be interested!

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