A Cultured Evening

Last Friday I had a most cultured evening filled with all my favourite things – good company, art, chocolate, wine, coffee and food!

The evening started at Star of Siam, my favourite Thai restaurant, with my friend Olivia.  We indulged in their signature dish ‘sea stars’ and some wine then took ourselves across the road to the Adelaide Central Markets to purchase my favourite chocolate in the entire world – Haigh’s.  I was winning already!

(This post is reading like an advertisement!  And no, I’m not getting paid for the promo’s – I just really, really like quality, local produce and believe in giving credit where it’s due!)

From there we headed to the opening of Mark Niehus‘ Exhibition, The Individual at Au Matin Calme.  I met Mark some months earlier (you can read about it here).

Au Matin Calme

Most of the art was india ink on watercolour paper – some were drawings by themselves…

The Lawman (India Ink)


Tequila (Charcoal)

and others included words…

Iva Kavik (India Ink)

All were great but my favourite was the signature piece, “The Individual”.  It was quite brilliant to see a blend of written and visual art.

The words not only told the story but also added to art piece, becoming embedded as part of the shape, form and picture itself.  Very incredible. (I had one of those moments where I thought “Damn, I wish I thought of that first!”).  I loved the words, I loved the art.

The Individual (India Ink)


In all there were 14 pieces of art on display.  The words included within the exhibits meant you were “ninja’d” into really studying the piece, because you had to read the words, sometimes turning your head to read the different angles.  I liked this – it was the perfect combination for my taste.

Iva Kavik (India Ink), Die Lorelei (Typed on PIanola Scroll) & Tequila (Charcoal)

I found Mark’s art to be incredible in its simplicity.  I’m not sure of proper “arty” words to describe it and, as you know, I’m no professional at this – I just like what I like and I see what I see.

Simplicity, to me, means clean lines and subtle shapes that may require some interpretation but not so much that it does your head in.  In essence I found Mark’s art much like his writing – a welcome and achievable challenge yet comfortable and enjoyable.

We got to have a chat with Mark and his girlfriend, Naivin – he told me that he pulled the exhibition together in about 3 weeks!  Phenomenal given he works full time as well.  I also liked, during his speech, that he thanked Naivin for her support.  Not only a great artist but a true gentlemen also!

If I like an exhibition I like to leave with something, a souvenir if you like.  This time, I bought a copy of Mark’s book “How Do You Want the Fire to Leave You?

Olivia and I then took ourselves off for coffee, herbal tea, chocolate and read Mark’s book out loud to each other – (well ok, she read to me – I love being read to!)  A superb way to cap off our cultured evening!

This photo was by me, my iPhone and Instagram!

I would like to thank Mark for the invitation and Paul Atkinson (the photographer on the night) who kindly provided the photos for me to use.  Visit Paul here – his work is great!

Mark’s exhibition continues until 26th August – there’s still time to see it for yourself.

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