Flash Back

I’ve been afflicted with a bad case of OCD which has resulted in an insatiable desire to rid my house of junk!  Accordingly not much creativity has occurred.  However, among the clean out I found some old creations of mine.

I used to have a major crush on The Knight Rider – no, no, not David Hasselhoff himself but the tv show in general.  I think I was mostly in love with Kit, that uber sexy talking Pontiac Trans Am!  That’s the only reason I can think of that may have inspired this.

Art class has been on “school holidays”  – go figure, none of the attendees are anywhere near school age.

I’m hoping that the house clean and recommencing my art class will inspire some more creative activity…

11 thoughts on “Flash Back

    • hahaha! Truthfully, I probably thought he was ok back then too. I recently saw, on late night tv, an episode of Knight Rider – so tacky! I don’t know what I was thinking either!

      • One of the areas I’ve been cleaning it is my studio/office so having space to create has helped me want to do more. I’ve gotten more accomplished creatively in a smaller amount of time which is good since I’m spending more time decluttering! I heard once that when you work at paring things down you are ‘clearing the closets of your mind’ and I think that’s really true. It always helps me to focus better and feel a whole lot lighter!

      • I do feel lighter actually! I’ve been doing a “business improvement” course which is very alternative and involves meditation – I think that has triggered the need to declutter. The room I’ve left til last is my study/studio – perhaps that is the key that will unlock the rest!

      • I hope so! Sometimes taking a break from creating is the best thing you can do – then you’re re-energized and motivated when you get back to it.

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