Mini Break Photo Journal

I’m low on words so I’m using pictures to describe my brilliant Queenland mini adventure.  “They” reckon a picture tells a thousand words anyway!


Adelaide 5am


Cairns 12pm


Wonga Beach – Walking the Dogs


Beach Star


Neo & Tisha – my new best friends


Not one of the birds that attacked me…


Cane Toad Racing

No animals were harmed in this race.
My trusty Toad (aka Camel Toad) and I won First Prize – a trip to the Great Barrier Reef!




Bigger than your hand spiders. *Shudder*


I Do


The best bridal shoes


Nectar of the Gods


I had THE BEST time in Queensland and can’t thank Lisa, Steve and Tam enough for making the fun times possible!  I love you all!

All photos were taken by me with an iPhone 4 (even after it was dropped unceremoniously in a toilet!!) and edited using instagram.

If you’d like to see more of my photography check out my Gramfeed!

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