Street Art

I hate blank concrete walls, it reminds me I live in a concrete jungle.  However, I do like that they make a wonderful canvas for some!


Life’s better in colour, yes?

Adelaide has some but doesn’t have a lot of this going on (that I’ve found anyway) but I understand that Melbourne has much more.  Black Mark showcases some of this – here and here.

Are you aware of any other cool street art, in Adelaide or elsewhere?

13 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. I used to live near a bar some decades ago, where the little brick building had a mural of dinosaurs on the wall. It caused quite an uproar then, but I enjoyed it, and it was always easy to tell someone where I lived.

  2. I love street art! I especially love stencil art and pasted paper art! There was a thriving street art community when I lived in Dunedin (New Zealand) which was mainly of the pasted paper kind and it was awesome!… but yes, now I’m in Melbourne there’s some spectacular art all over the place!

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