Amigurumi Overload!

I’ve been busy – it is extremely cold here which always brings out the winter creativity in me – crocheting like a crazy woman!  Mainly because I can do it from the couch and stay warm at the same time (yes, I really am that exciting!).

I mentioned previously that there was more to come – and here it is.

I have created an online store in the hope of sharing wooly creations with the world!  Ambitious much??!

I have to admit that my mum is largely the creator of these things as she is much faster than I (does that make her my employee??! She’s so going to slap me for that…) 

However, I’ve contributed too with my pig mascot and a few other things.  In the future I hope to add some other ideas I have brewing and my personal creations (such as specialised greeting cards, personal art work etc) to the shop.

So a warm and hearty welcome to Art Gluttony’s online venture!

Please visit our store and like us on Facebook, we’d be very interested in your feedback and product suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Amigurumi Overload!

  1. The photo of the product is amazing especially in large mode. The workmanship,The details, facial expression, super cute characters. I really enjoy looking each one of them!!! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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