Crochet Creation

I’ve been all over the place with my creativity this week.  From experimenting with watercolour in my art class to my latest endeavour of crocheting amigurumi animals!

Crochet was a little geeky secret of mine.  For a few years it has been a discrete winter hobby, until last year when I “came out” and insisted on creating a heap of leg warmers, hats and arm warmers for my friends (some of them even wore them!!).

I credit my skills in this department to my mum who taught me everything I know – this was no easy task!  And no, not because I’m a slow learner, but because she’s right handed and I’m left handed.  You have no idea the wild and wooly tangles this can cause!

My mum is way better and much faster than I am at this, but I’m doing ok.  Here’s my first critter creation.

I think he’s adorable and decided he shall be my real life blog mascot – the Art Pig! 

I think this is his cutest feature.

This hobby has inspired a new side venture.  Stay tuned, all will be revealed in time!

16 thoughts on “Crochet Creation

  1. I have to say that teaching crocheting to a left hander is DEFINITELY a challenge, although teaching knitting is MUCH worse!!!
    Anyhow, we’ve had a bit of fun along the way and I must say, you are getting quite good at it now!! My only problem is keeping up the the new ideas you come up with.

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