Australian Wildlife

It’s a little late I know, but this post follows on from Insane Beauty and is to share further photos of my Easter roadtrip.

Some of my favourite sights while travelling rural Australia wildlife and windmills.  I totally understand my own infatuation with the animal kingdom – from an early age I’ve always had a strong affection for animals.  When drawing I have always preferred to sketch animals to anything else.  As a kid I had more stuffed toys than dolls and as a grown-up I sometimes wonder if I actually prefer the company of the animal world to that of people – no offence people!

Native Australian wildife isn’t abundantly visible, like a zoo or a safari, but if you’re patient and in the right place at the right time you’ll get lucky – like we did.


Scrawny but inquisitive Dingo

Yes, this gecko seriously let me get this close with my iphone!

Dusty – the tame (well fed) dingo, we fell in love!

11 thoughts on “Australian Wildlife

  1. You know, your photography is almost as good as your art!! I REALLY wish I had your artistic ability!!

  2. Excellent, the soaring hawk is an outstanding shot. And I have to admit, when I was a boy I read a book about a dingo, and have thought them legendary since. This is my first “live” pictures of one.

    thanks for sharing.


    • You’re welcome – the wild dingo is a little scrawny looking but I’ve seen a few now that look quite healthy. They are quite inquisitive and can be tamed easily, I’ve always wanted one as a pet 🙂

  3. You were lucky to get such a good pic of Dusty, as (unlike most dingoes) he is usually very camera shy!!! We are very lucky in Australia to have such a unique variety of wildlife. A lot of them we are lucky to see often. Which is great until they happen to hop, run or wander over the road when driving at a reasonable pace.

    • Ahhhhh don’t say that, you know I don’t like dead things!

      And yes, that is the only decent picture of Dusty that I got on my camera. I think Dave may have some though.

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