I’m baaaack!

Finally, I return from my brief hiatus!  I wish I could tell you I’d vanished due to an overly creative burst or a wicked adventure but sadly neither are true.

Anyway, I’m back and thought I’d share my recent work from art class – the beginnings of a study on the face.  My teacher decided it was best to start with the eyes.  He whipped a perfect version up in less than five minutes.  Mine took over half an hour but I’m pleased (and a little surprised) with the result!

21 thoughts on “I’m baaaack!

  1. That comment so did not make sense… LOL. I wanted to say that I reckon that the drawing is quite true to life. I like it… Dont ask me how it got summarized like that… hehehe

  2. Welcome back…..missed your Blog and drawings. The drawing of the eye….very expressive and a little sad and yet very alert and looking for something. You have a wonderful talent….xo

  3. You have a great ‘eye’ for detail – LOVE it!! It’s one thing Pa couldn’t do so you’ve already found your own direction. Next try to figure out how to draw the eye so it will follow you no matter where you stand (that’s dad’s suggestion)

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