Peg Phobia

Previously I briefly mentioned my aversion to pegs. It is a small, non-offensive quirk – they simply stress me out.  Not specifically the pegs themselves but the act of pegging them on the clothesline attached to clothes.  I am compelled to have them all line up in a most specifically, orderly fashion.

Who has time for that??  Not me.

To combat this, I wisely decided to simply ban their use in my house.  This meant that, for 10 years, I did not own a clothesline.  My dad recently rectified this by installing a line – but I still don’t use pegs.  I drape stuff like sheets and use coat hangers (or the tumble dryer) for the rest.

My first art lesson yielded a “peg” assignment for homework.  I had to draw my nemesis the peg!!  I actually had to borrow a peg from my mum for this given my self imposed peg ban.

Then, when raiding my laundry cupboard for some particular cleaning product, I found these lurking.  Imagine my horror!

I reckon they belonged to my first house mate – he was quite devastated I didn’t have a clothesline and even suggested I should reduce his rent accordingly!  (And you think I have issues??!).

Given I had this newfound peg collection, I decided to go the extra mile with my homework.

As a result I seem to have overcome my aversion to pegs somewhat.  I still don’t plan on using them to hang clothes but I do appreciate their simplicity to draw.  See – art therapy is alive and kicking in my house!

8 thoughts on “Peg Phobia

  1. Excellent drawings!!! Very good symmetry. So far so good. Those pegs are classic, good thing it’s still available in your country in Philippines mostly plastic materials not wood. thanks for sharing Nonoy Mang

  2. You can really draw well…your drawings make me want to try graphite pencil next. I am working with pen and ink and colored pencil on my current drawings.. It takes layers to make the drawing come alive. You do it so elegantly, I’m jealous! where do you live? I will guess England or Australia…I live in Florida, US.

    • Thanks so much Monique! I live in South Australia – you guessed well 🙂 I would be very interested to see your drawings but couldn’t find them on your blog, will you post some soon? I enjoy working with ink and pencil too at times, I go through phases it seems. You’ve jogged my memory, I might go back to that for something different 🙂

      • There should be picture pages on the blog, but they aren’t coming up like they should…I will repost them for you. Thanks for your interest!

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