Back to School

I think I’m a legend in my own lunchbox, some sort of brave action hero who is scared of nothing and no-one.  Someone like Electra. 

However, much to my disgust, it seems that’s not entirely true…  As it turns out, I’m a wimp!

I’ve spent a lot of time considering my reluctance to undertake an art class and have taken on board all the comments made on my previous post on this topic.  I was walking around with this “I’m to cool for school” attitude when really my reluctance stems from fear.  (Not very super hero of me…)

My fear was that I’d undertake an art class and I’d be told that I was crap and doing it all wrong.  I think this is a flashback to the 15 year old me who was evicted from art class due to “lack of talent.

Although I’m not particularly grown up, I am no longer 15.  And as a pseudo-adult I can generally handle constructive criticism.  I think my concern was that negative feedback would deter me and that I would walk away from something that gives me (and sometimes others) pleasure just because of a single opinion.  Some people may find it motivating to be told they’re “not good enough” and go all out to prove that view wrong.  I’m opposite, I just find it demotivating.

Now that I’ve put this in writing I realise the total absurdity of my thinking and am not entirely sure why I thought I should share this!

Anyway, I’ve jumped to a few (more sane) conclusions:

1. It is highly doubtful any teacher worth their salt would say “you’re crap and doing it all wrong”.

2. I’m new to this, I don’t have to be brilliant straight away (nor should I expect to be) and I will improve if I care enough to try.

3. Superhero bravery is not lack of fear, it is being scared but doing it anyway.

So, I’m biting the bullet and taking my inner action hero out of her lunchbox and booked myself into art school!

The course I’ve selected is a small group (no more than 8 people) who are of all different levels and work in a variety of mediums.  Unlike a college, university or tafe there is no grading, semesters or terms.  The teacher (an artist named Con – can you see the irony??!) works with the group but allows each individual to progress at his or her own pace.  I simply pay in blocks of 4 x 2 hour lessons. 

I’m starting at the beginning with drawing and have committed to four weeks with a view to extending as time, money and enthusiasm permit.

I’m nervous and excited – I start tomorrow!

* * * * *

As a small aside.  My deep cover assignment is going well,  albeit rather slowly.

16 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Madame you made the right decision. “Education is the most powerful weapon” it can easily handle any of those Known villains rival of any super heroes Marvel or DC comics including Mangas. Good day Nonoy Manga

  2. good for you! I find that one will learn some things you like, and some you don’t like. Each is equally valuable. The biggest thing to remember is, have fun.

  3. Congratulations mjz, you have broken the shackles of the Virgo prison. You might look at this as not relevant, but I assure you, from experience, horoscope traits DO exist in all of us. I am so thrilled at what you have achieved and the monumentous achievements that will be forthcoming whilst at (and following)this art school…much luck and my blessings….xo

  4. Good on you dear lady! I truly admire you and wish like mad that I had stretched myself more in my past life. I am a coward and am much safer/happier in my comfort zone!

    Go for it dear Michelle.

  5. I am so excited for you! Knowledge is power (and that can make you a super hero!). After you have a few classes under your belt I’ll tell you about my art school days… You’ve got talent, and classes will only make your work better. Good luck!

  6. You’re a virgo? That explains it then: I’m a wimp too. I totally get what you mean about putting off joining the class just in case someone uses, what they like to call, “constructive criticism”. Criticism is criticism, there’s nothing constructive about it. We’re a sensitive lot us Virgos; we take knocks to our confidence to heart.

    • Yes, a virgo. I’ve tried to avoid thinking about virgoan traits but there appears to be some element of truth in it. Like when someone says “don’t take it personal” – well if you’re talking to me, about me how the hell am I supposed to take it??! lol!

      So far the art class is very good – two lessons and I’m prepared to go back for more 🙂

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