A recommended read

I’ve never “reblogged” before – this is my first and gives me great pleasure to share this.
Erik Christian’s writing is totally brilliant.  I haven’t read his actual novel as yet but I’ve read enough of his blog posts to know that I want to read it AND I want you to read it.


His blog writing is passionate, interesting, heartfelt and so, so, so descriptive.  He draws me into his world with his words and each and every post leaves me wanting more. 
My wish has been answered with the release on Kindle of his novel – The Drunk.
Don’t be concerned if you don’t have one of those fancy e-readers either – I downloaded Kindle for iPhone this morning and the novel itself (from Amazon)within mere minutes and for free.  I would have started reading straight away but unfortunately the place that funds my lifestyle expected me to make an appearance and actually do stuff which will keep me from this pleasure until at least 5pm.  Gah…

Get on it.  I’d be interested in your thoughts about the novel.

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