Deep Cover Assignment

I’m undertaking a new art mission.

Like my Black Ops Mission, I cannot do this alone.  I require assistance and have gathered a team of trained professionals to assist with gathering intelligence.

The operation is large and crosses several state borders.  Accordingly, I have sent one of my agents interstate on a deep cover assignment to infiltrate my target’s environment and provide me with first-hand, insider information.

Our position is tenuous at best, one slip and our cover is blown.  Even writing this poses a severe risk to the operation and it’s participants.

It’s a jungle out there.

As a result, transmissions from this blog may be sporadic over the coming weeks.  My mission must be completed by Wednesday, 23rd May 2012 at which time I can safely reveal all…


10 thoughts on “Deep Cover Assignment

    • Awwww! Thanks so much – it means a lot to me that someone likes my stuff! The feeling is mutual too – perhaps I’ll send that award straight back!!

  1. Even a blog such as this can be considered disinformation for the effect of counter-intelligence… what is true and isn’t true… that lies in the real operation.

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