Outback Architecture

There’s something bold and noble about the Australian windmill as it stands reigning over its dusty domain. 

I’ve always been infatuated with photographing windmills.  As a consequence, I have a multitude of photos clogging up my hard drive.  This trip was no different and after a while my fellow travellers joined my obsession with enthusiastic cries of “look windmill!” each time one appeared.  This then resulted in my cousin, our trusty tour guide, slamming on the brakes with unbridled enthusiasm so I could grab yet another “kodak moment”.

I think the windmill epitomises the “Aussie Battler” ethos as it stands stubborn and steadfast against time and the elements in various states of disrepair.  There it remains, year after year in silent solitude, offering a noble and familiar landmark for rural inhabitants, a welcome change in scenery for a weary traveller and access to that precious commodity – water.

I think mostly I like the contrast these lonely sentinals offer – tall, symmetrical stuctures made up of harsh, angular lines which stand out against the softer flow of the outback landscape they oversee.  To me, a windmill is iconic Aussie bush architecture.

I’ve tried time and time again to draw windmills but never seem to do them justice.

“Silent Solitude”
Along the Oodnadatta Track

“Bold and Noble”
Glendambo Roadhouse

“Aussie Battler”
Mount Sarah Cattle Station

“Lonely Sentinal”
Mount Sarah Cattle Station

Again, the first two photos were taken on my iPhone 4 and tweaked within Instagram.  “Aussie Battler” was taken on my Nikon D3000 and tweaked with Instagram.

The last one, “Lonely Sentinel“, was taken by my brother on his Nikon D3000 and remains unedited because I like it, just as it is.

7 thoughts on “Outback Architecture

  1. I guess it must be a family thing – I seem to remember hearing “look minmill” from a little boy a very long time ago every time we saw a windmill.
    Your descriptions are so appropriate – I always seem to forget they are there for a purpose, the just seem that they should be there .. like a landmark or a ‘silent sentina

  2. utility, function, and a stark beauty against the raw of the land. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
    Tough place to run cattle, need lots of land.


    • Ooooh I love your description! I think running cattle would be tough anywhere – land is the least of their worries, it seems to stretch to eternity!

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