Art Rescue!

While out walking with Bundy I noticed a pile of rubbish put out on the street for hard refuse pick up.  In that pile was some old frames, a seriously outdated computer, some other random junk and this lonely little painting.  There was a post-it note saying “free”.

I picked up the painting and noticed that someone had handwritten their details on the back – Jimboomba LandscapeDavid HellowayOils.  The handwriting reminds me of the birthday cards my Gran used to give me as I was growing up.  Cards with their handwritten messages made with her careful cursive writing that got a little shakier as the years went by but was still painstakingly neat and written with obvious love.

The picture frame appears to be custom made – just like the ones my Pa used to handcraft in his toolshed for his artwork.  Ouch – even fond memories can stab you in the heart when you least it expect it.  I am reminded of how intensely I miss them.

I looked at that painting and I kept telling myself I don’t need it – and I don’t.  Seriously.  In fact I have this rule – I try and throw something out every day, even if it is only a pen that doesn’t work.  Junk elimination, streamlining my life, decluttering, cleansing – whatever you want to call it – I’m on a mission.  I resolutely put the painting back where I found it and continued on.

As we walked I kept thinking about the painting.  “You don’t need it – just take it – you don’t have anywhere to hang it – just take it”.  I argued with myself for the entire hour walk.  Perhaps it was the stark reminder of my grandparents and how much I miss them but I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

I kept thinking how I’d feel if I found something I had created discarded unceremoniously on a pile of rubbish.  Or worse, one of my Pa’s paintings.  I was struck with a sharp pang of sympathy for the artist and his little painting.
I was on the home stretch of my walk and about to come back past the painting when it struck me.  I’ll rescue the painting and give it a second chance at finding another home!  Art Rescue!  I’m a sucker for a “stray” and everyone deserves a second chance right?

Perhaps YOU can find a place in your heart (and on your wall) to give this beautiful, sweet tempered, low maintenance, house trained (aka ready-to-hang), oil painting a new home?  If so, please visit eBay!

For the record, I’m not out to make money from this as such – I prefer to think of it as a community service!  I am curious as to the perceived market value of this work though and would like to cover postage costs.

4 thoughts on “Art Rescue!

    • Thanks Nonoy – I hope so too. It looks like the painting will definitely sell – the price is very low but I will be pleased to give it a new home 🙂

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