Insane Beauty

I recently went road-tripping through rural South Australia.  My trip was made up beer, chocolate Easter eggs, home-cooked-country-good-meals, teeth-rattling-spine-jarring-4WDing, swimming in natural springs (both hot and cold) and never being able to finish my cup of tea while sitting down!

The drive was about 12 hours each way so there was plenty of time to simply look out the car window.  I know that sounds boring but actually wasn’t!

I was particularly infatuated with the sky on my travels (and windmills, but I’ll save that for another post).  I guess, living in built-up suburbia, I don’t tend to look up so much.  The density of the suburbs restrict my sky view to a mere postage stamp, like looking through the wrong end of binoculars. 

When “out bush” the sky seems larger than ever – like when you’re on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with no land it sight and it feels like all that exists is water, an expanse that extends forever and ever.

If you’re from rural Australia this view is probably quite familiar.  This part of Australia is not lush and green but I find it insanely beautiful, in it’s own unique way.

One of the advantages of such a seemingly barren landscape is that you can see forever.  You can watch a storm build a 100 miles away, cloud formations that dreamily morph from one form to another like dancers in a slow waltz.  You can watch the sun set and simultanteously watch the moon rise.

Slow Waltzing Clouds

Sunset on Hamilton Station

Simultaneous Moon Rising

Weather Brewing

My Favourite Photo
(I plan to try painting this at some point!)

All photos were taken from about Coober Pedy onwards (north) and were captured on my iPhone 4.  I’ve used Instagram (my new love) to creatively “tweak” them (except for the last one which remains as captured).

19 thoughts on “Insane Beauty

  1. Those photos are great!! I totally agree with feeling how big the land is when you’re out in the country! I love it too!! You should totally paint that last picture, that’s a fantastic idea! 🙂

  2. You amaze me still….I felt as if was experiencing the moment with you, both spiritually and emotionally, and yes a painting of the last photo would be beautiful………enjoy and pursue your dream(s).

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