My Full Moon painting sold!  This is my first “official” (and very unexpected) art sale!!

The painting itself was quite experimental and part of my blank canvas elimination mission – I never intended it to be “for sale”, I just did it for fun.  So I was quite surprised and very flattered by the comments I received on my previous post about this painting.  One of those comments was an enquiry regarding purchasing the work which eventually resulted in the sale.

Unbeknown to me initially the purchaser was my aunty.  Bless my family, they have always been my biggest supporters!

I was initially reluctant to “sell” anything to a family member, it just didn’t feel right. However, my aunty refused to accept the painting without payment and then someone else said to me “if you don’t place any value on your work, your time and energy how do you expect others to?”.  Combine that with my desire to celebrate my birthday in New York later this year (and the need to save $$) and the deal was clinched.

My aunty has a fondness for collecting elephants and owns over 800 of them from all over the world!  She’s also redecorating and incorporating blue into her colour scheme so this painting was a win/win and worked perfectly for her.

I’m still quite stunned that anyone would pay for something I created.  Before starting this blog I would never imagined even showing someone my stuff, let alone selling any.  I guess that’s the self loathing side of my brain raising it’s ugly voice – I have managed to shut that monster up for a second and realised I’m a little pleased with myself.

14 thoughts on “Sold!

    • Thanks – I think your work is definitely worth paying for, very professional. If I sell anymore paintings I’ll definitely be hitting you up for some assistance!

  1. I am more than thrilled to be the proud owner of this beautiful piece of artwork with the added bonus of being my niece’s first sale. The “Full Moon” will be displayed where I will be able to appreciate it every day and I sincerely look forward to seeing (and buying) more of this artist’s creations……Congratulations.

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