Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I’ve been a little slack in posting regularly in the past few weeks but I have great excuses!

First, I have two posts ready to go but am stuggling with obtaining the visual representation.  One I have tasked myself to draw (it’s a portrait and I’m failing miserably, self-expectation is a bitch!)  The other I just need to find some time, get to my brother’s house and take the damn photo!

Secondly, I’ve also spent some time converting my study to a studio which has resulted in not only a flurry of actual creativity but also:

I seem to have developed a blank canvas collection over time!  My new challenge – to fill these canvasses before purchasing anymore new ones.

Third, I have found this new iPhone App – Instagram.  Fellow blogger, Karin got me intrigued… (not blaming, just sayin’!)

Instagram is sort of like a photographic Facebook or Twitter and is quite addictive!  The idea is that you take photos, tweak the settings to make them look all cool and funky, add #tags and then other people (hopefully) “like” or “follow” you.  In turn, you do the same for other Instagrammers – sharing the online love!

It took me a little while to get into the swing of it but now I’m hooked!  Here’s some of my own favourites:

The Uni SA Footbridge – it marks the start and, more importantly, the finish of my weekend runs.

While out and about, one of the many inconvenient patches of roadworks my little City is undergoing forced me on a detour.  I was seriously peeved until I came across this.

Birds on a Wire

It was kinda freaky – an unseasonal storm was rolling in and there was that strange calm in the air.  The birds all eerily congregated on the one section of power lines.  At one point in time there seemed to be millions of birds but some vanished by the time I took the shot.  The end result reminds me of MKD’s Aluminium Light Wire Birds.

This one really needs no explanation…

My Boy Bundy!

Everywhere I go I am now viewing the world through a little Instagram square photo frame!!  The upside is that a few of my (and other people’s) photos have inspired some creative ideas.

Feel free to look me up on Instagram, my username is emjayzed.  Or you can follow me on Twitter (just click the button on the top right) because I occasionally post the more “artsy” ones on there too!

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