Full Moon

I recently reorganised what use to be my “study” and have now turned it into a more creative space.  It worked and I produced this over the weekend.

It was inspired by Mistral Art’s creative use different mediums.  So I got a little more adventurous than usual and worked with blue food colour and acrylic paints.

There are a few finishing touches to go to meet my OCD requirements but it is essentially finished.  (I may try taking some other photos of it too as I think some of the background got a bit “lost in translation” within this photo.)

What do you think?

There’s another one here too.

18 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. That is so beautiful and peaceful and serene. You want to be in that place and experience the moment. Are the elephants for sale………?

    • Wow – I’m quite blown away, what a compliment! Thank you!

      Would you like to make an offer for the piece which I can consider? You can email me privately at emjayzed@gmail.com if you wish to discuss in a less public forum 🙂

  2. Oh I love it! I can’t wait till I’m in Adelaide next too see all the new creations first hand!!!
    I find your blog very inspiring and hope I at least get to finish my bedroom wall collage soon if everything else has to fall behind the renovation effort. xx

    • Thanks Anna. I’ll look forward to giving you a tour of my “studio”. And good luck with the collage – perhaps I’ll get to see it over Easter??!

      I’ve just finished a collage I started two years ago – once I’ve sorted ou the framing I’ll show that off too. From memory my original idea for the collage came from a magazine you loaned me!!

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