Rock and Roll Art

I’m a Bon Jovi fan, I love the music and used to have a major crush on Jon himself (didn’t all 15 year old girls?). 

I also really liked drummer Tico Torres.  I once shared a house with my friend Jo who, to my utter envy, caught one of Tico Torres drumsticks that he threw at a Bon Jovi concert!!!  That drumstick had pride of place on our mantle.  I really missed Jo when she moved interstate but I really, really missed having that little piece of famous around!  It reminded me that rockstars really DO exist and are real live people.

Tico is an awesome drummer and has also recorded with artists like Cher, Chuck Berry, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar and, one of my other favourites, Alice Cooper.

What I didn’t know, until recently, is that Tico Torres is also a painter. 

Equinox by Tico Torres

This piece reminds me of Pink Floyd for some reason.   Part of this is the triangle/pyramid symbolism and rainbow reference used in Floyd’s album artwork. 

I also think maybe I relate the surreal feel of the painting to the surreal nature of the music which is probably a reflection of what I was getting up to around the time I was listening to Pink Floyd!!  (My mother reads this blog so I’ll say no more on this topic!)

I do really like it though, I would totally find somewhere to hang this in my house (if I could afford it!).  I like the abstract spirit of the work and the colours used, I’m quite fond of green.  I like the concept of the sleeping face too and how the rainbow pattern on the right is reflected on the left as an accent and vice versa.

I think the title is interesting too.  If equinox is loosely defined as “equal day and night” I wonder if the green “sky” and the dark “ground” give the painting its title?  The contrast of these two colours make me think of how it is “darkest before dawn” and then the first glimpse of sunrise.  I might even be inspired to get up early enough to view a sunrise, something I haven’t done in years (not since the days where I’d stay out late enough to see the sun come up!)

Visit the Walnut Street Gallery to view more of Tico’s work and that of other rock and roll artists.  There’s also some good pictures of Tico Torres and his work on Flickr by OrangeSnowman.

4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Art

  1. Although I’ve never been a fan of abstract art (I could never understand it), I really like this work. I’m really not sure why though as I wouldn’t hang it in my home!!
    Thanks … I would never have seen it if you hadn’t written about it

  2. That’s nice painting.

    But you do not need to wake up too early to view a sunrise. Atm its around 7:15am believe it or not. Until we change time to Winter time. 🙂

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