Twinkle, Twinkle

Ever since she was old enough to hold a pen or a paintbrush she has been creative.  As a little toddler she had a preference of pen and texta over crayons.

Today’s featured artist is my niece, Chelsea.

Our “thing” we do together is arts and crafts.  I have a box of goodies for her at my house so that when she comes over she goes nuts with the paint, glue, stickers, “magic” textas and, of course, glitter.  I had no idea glitter could travel as far as it does, for weeks after she’s been I find glitter in places you wouldn’t imagine!

Last Friday was Chelsea’s 6th birthday and she was given an art set with paints and canvases.  Here’s her first efforts with acrylic on canvas. 

Artist: Chelsea

I love the colour combinations she’s used.  It’s almost like she’s inverted the colours.  Traditionally, I would assume that the background would be dark and the star would be bright but she’s transposed them and I like the affect.  I also love that children’s art is so natural, unaffected and honest – they don’t seem to overthink anything and just naturally create.

I’m honoured to now own and display Chelsea’s first canvas in my home!


2 thoughts on “Twinkle, Twinkle

  1. I am envious of the fact that Chelsea has the ability to even get the star to look like a star!!! I think she takes after her aunty Shell who in turn takes after her Pa with the creative gene.

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