Life’s a Beach

This work was the third painting I saw at the Noarlunga Arts Centre which really stood out to me.   By the time I’d gotten around to writing this post I had been put in contact with the Artist, something I hadn’t been able to achieve at the time of writing the previous two posts – Art Candy and Something I Love – I’ve since updated them to provide artist credit.

Artist: Beryl Stutchbury

The artist of this work is Beryl Stutchbury.  She has the most enviable job of being a full-time artist and is also a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Art.

After getting in contact with Beryl I found out that the painting was “Under the Jetty”, Noarlunga Jetty to be precise.  Beryl explained that her painting was done using oil paints from a sketch that she did of the model.

My Pa had painted the Noarlunga Jetty back in 1970 (from a different angle) and I have his picture in my home.  I think it is totally cool that two artists were drawn to this spot as a source of creativity and inspiration yet came out with completely different outcomes.  I’m sure this happens a lot but I’m just saying that I like that it does.

A few things attracted me to her painting.

The jetty beach scene – for me this is iconically Australian.  It reminded me of seaside summer holidays with my family and cousins as a child.  I recalled the feeling of walking bare foot along the beach through sun scorched sand and then the sensation of hitting the cool contrast under the jetty which provided the greatest relief, if only briefly!  The space under the jetty is prime real estate for beach goers.  This woman in the painting must have got up early to secure such a prime position!

Perspective – I love any art work (painting, drawings, photographs) which detail perspective such as this. This really stood out to me and gives such lovely depth to the scene.

The water – it just looked so inviting!  In fact the whole scene did – I just wanted to grab a towel and a good book and head to that very spot for a few hours!

Both Bel and I spotted the painting at the same time and bee-lined it.  It appealed to both of us instantly.  Interesting, given we didn’t agree on the other painting we saw. I find it curious how individual taste can be different one instant but the same the next.

When I visited LA last year, I spent time at Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica.  I noticed that there were piers and boardwalks but no jetties (although to me they were all jetties!)  Can anyone explain the difference between the three – are they the same thing just using different cultural terminology or is each actually a different structure?

If you would like to see more of Beryl’s work you can look her up via her Facebook album.

2 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. A boardwalk is what runs parallel or along the beach whereas a jetty stretches out into the water from the sand and boats can dock at the end of the jetty. A pier is situated in deep water, boats can dock along the full length because of the depth of water it’s in. Multiple piers within a marina.

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