Romancing Venice

This week I stumbled upon a photography exhibition, quite by chance.

“Romancing Europe – Paris and Venice in Focus” is a photographic exhibition by a local (to my area) travel photographer, Dave Underwood.

I have a real “thing” for black and white.  In my mind it just makes everything simpler and easier to understand.  It enables detail to be viewed and appreciated easily without being distracted or confused by too much colour.  For me, black and white limits the available options leaving you to easily appreciate what is left (or maybe I’m just lazy?!)

The focus is so perfect and precise, I could look at this (and his other work) for hours.  I’m not that knowledgeable about photography but I believe this has to do with the focal length (f stops) which determines the depth of field of a photo i.e. how much is in focus.  (Visit Shootabout if you’re interested in learning more about this, he explains it in easy to understand language and has some cool photos also).

I also love the use of accent colour in any art work – that strategically placed, minimal dash of surprising colour.  It’s a special treat, something you weren’t expecting but are super pleased to have – like when you put your winter coat on for the first time that season and you discover a $20 note in the pocket!

One of the exhibition photos reminded me of one of my favourite scenes in one of my favourite movies, Italian Job (2003).  This movie pretty much cemented my desire to visit Italy.  Here’s the scene, check the slideshow below and see if you can pick which one!

As seen on : Italian Job- What “fine” stands for

If you’re a local you can visit the Golden Grove Arts Centre, during March 2012, to view the exhibition up close.  It is truly worth seeing, up close, the 30 large, stunning photographs of Venice and Paris.  Sigh… I need to save harder so I can visit these places in person – this will have to do for now…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7 thoughts on “Romancing Venice

    • Really?! That’s awesome, thanks!

      You want to know the funny thing – I’m currently drafting a post where I’ve nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award! The post should be up by Wednesday – you get double-the-love this week! 🙂

    • I know, it’s amazing work huh? I saw them large on the wall at the exhibition and they were even more incredible. I thought that first one was actually a drawing at first. So when will I get to see your work in an exhibition hmmm?

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