Ladybird Ladybird

Ladybird ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are gone,
All except one and that’s little Ann,
For she crept under the frying pan

Today’s post is inspired by conversation on my previous post, thanks Melonaide!

The ladybird (or ladybugs as they are known to some) are apparently good luck.  When I was little my mum told me that if one lands on you then you say this rhyme and she flies away, then you get to make a wish.

I still get ridiculously over excited if I see a ladybird!

I confess I only remembered the first line of that rhyme, I googled the rest.  I do recall saying that single line as a kid and I’m pretty sure I made up my own rules about the wish too – if she didn’t fly away I’d shut my eyes tight and blow on her.  Gone!  I’d get my free wish every time!  (Funny, I never got that pony though…)

Visit here for variations of the nursery rhyme and it’s origins.

As an aside, it seems I’m having some problems with my scanner’s settings as this is not what I see on the actual page (my drawing actually looks better!)  If anyone can offer any tips for scanning I’d appreciate it.  I have a HP Photosmart B110 scan, copy, printer.


UPDATE (2 March 2012): I finally got my pony!!  Ladybird wishes do come true after all!  They may just take a while…  

7 thoughts on “Ladybird Ladybird

  1. I think I saw a ladybird once. It’s so small right? About 1/4 of my fingernail.
    And you wished for a (the toy or a real one?)
    I guess I’ll just grant that wish for you on my next post. 😀

    • Yes, very small like you say (much smaller than my pictures!). I love your post! I love my pony!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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