Confined to the couch

In the past week the weather turned from scorching hot to quite cool.  Maybe that’s why have this strange summer cold.  I hate being sick – it seems like such an unnecessary waste of time.

As a result of the cold I had little energy and spent the evening confined to my couch, coughing my head off like an 85 yo, two-pack-a-day, smoker and totally bored with free tv.  Lacking motivation and inspiration, I tweeted for ideas for something to draw with my watercolour pencils.

So this is for you Helena and Emma!  Thanks for the inspiration!

15 thoughts on “Confined to the couch

    • Thank you! It was my cousin, Helena’s, idea. It perked me up considerably given I have a cold and it was raining at the time. We are in the middle of our summer but the weather does not seem to know this!

  1. More garlic and horseradish…….you will feel better soon.
    You haven’t lost your touch with the drawing and the writing……beautiful. Does that mean that the gym character you drew for me about 20 years ago will be worth heaps soon?

    • haha! Funny what people remember I drew for them! I’m not sure it’s worth much to anyone but you 🙂

      (I’ve had so much garlic, ginger, chilli and horseradish that people are giving me a very wide berth!)

  2. That sunset is the view I’d like to have from my verandah every single day – that is the stuff my dreams are made of.
    When I saw you’d posted it to my fb page this morning, it brought a huge smile to my face – never thought that you and I would be inspiring each other 🙂

    • Awww sweet!! I’m so glad you liked it and I’m super glad about the two-way inspiration!

      It’s rainy here today so I might just stare at the picture for a while and pretend I’m there 🙂

    • Noooo! You can’t kill ladybugs – they are good luck!! You close your eyes, blow on them to make them fly away and then make a wish!

      And I just think they are pretty whereas most bugs are ugly:)

      • Yes, I was told that by my mum when I was little. I think they are good luck because you hardly ever see them so you are lucky to find one!

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