Something I (hypocritically) Love

In spite of being ejected from Port Noarlunga’s gallery so quickly I did manage to snap a few more pictures.  This is something I loved instantly but when I reflect I feel kind of hypocritical…

Artist: Peter Westerhoff

I think I first loved it because it sort of reminded me of my Pa’s paintings of Australian landscapes.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a nice sunset?  I adore the sun setting on the horizon and the way it highlights the red earth (in spite of the fact that ochre is not my favourite colour – hypocrisy #1).

I  like the surreal appearance of the sky as a back-drop to the silhouetted trees and the way the green of the leaves is still evident.  I doubt if this reflects any kind of truth though as I think the tree foliage would not appear green (a) because of the light behind making them a black silhouette and (b) surely the colour of the light would affect the colour of the green anyway? I could be wrong, but that’s my instinct…

I like the combination of colours used together too – from yellows and oranges through to brighter blues and the more subtle green accents.  And the contrast, it’s dark yet it’s also bright (hypocrisy #2).

Upon reflection, it did remind me a little of Bill Cook’s painting as the sky seems a little “Fantasia-like” with the eery type of cloud formations and the colours.  However, in this instance I like it – in fact it is actually what bumped up the picture’s rating in my estimation.  It caught my eye from across the room, I literally bolted across to get a closer look as quick as I could.

Strangely, what I disliked about Bill Cook’s painting I love about this.

Does this make me a hypocrite or just fickle?

UPDATE: 7 March 2012

(Like the pictures in my previous post about the Port Noarlunga Art Centre, I was unable to get the artist’s details due to being rushed out.  I’ve emailed the gallery so if I get a response I’ll update with the information to credit the artists.)

I have been advised, via an email from the Arts Project Officer of the Noarlunga Council, that the artist is Peter Westerhoff.  If you’re interested in more of his work (which I highly recommend!) visit here!

9 thoughts on “Something I (hypocritically) Love

  1. I too LOVE this painting – most likely for the same reason!! Factually it may not be correct but I still think ir’s something I could look at without tiring of the scene

  2. The lower half portion of the painting is beautiful and stunning. I guess, if you crop that picture and remove the green leaves and the blue sky, It’ll look more real. But the surreal flavor to that painting is fine too. 😀

  3. I don’t think it’s hyprocritical. Perhaps it’s the tone you are either attracted to or repelled by. So the Cook piece was kind of sinister whereas this piece uses similar techniques but to create a more inviting, almost serene image.

    • Agreed! I think because I have a tendancy toward black and white or monochrome that I enjoy brighter works. Maybe I’m envious!! The tone and subject is more relaxed in this piece for sure.

  4. I love this painting too! It’s colorful but still serene and you almost expect the sun to really set any moment. The sky also reminds me of some of the sky’s we sometimes get here at Moockra and if the trees are real or not to me that’s the beauty and freedom of painting the artist gets to change and exaggerated things as he feels. I also don’t think you are a hypocrite isn’t that the beauty of art, what you love in one piece you’re allowed to hate in another it’s the way it makes you feel. . .

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