Origami Cranes

Recently a post by fellow blogger Melonaide made me think of origami paper cranes.  Ensuing discussion resulted in the idea that we’d both make these cranes, inspired by Sadako Sasaki’s story.

I love an assignment for inspiration to create, it’s like being commissioned to do something!  So off I went and what I learned along the way is:

  • You need to be quite precise (I love a legitimate excuse for guilt-free perfectionism!) to make them look good and “proper”.  Make sure your paper is square and your folds are exact.

This small imperfection will trip you up later...

  • If the paper is too thin it winds up looking more like a pterodactyl…  See what I mean?!

  • If the paper is too thick it’s unwieldy to work with and looks a bit clunky…

A bit clunky but I like the detail on the paper

  • Large ones look just plain awkward, smaller is better.


  • And, just like the owls, I am now seeing paper cranes everywhere!

Random crane on a notice board at work!

Melonaide was way quicker than I to action this idea and went the “extra mile” – hers look lovely.  Visit here to check hers out – she even gives you a link so you can make them yourself (which is how I learned!)

3 thoughts on “Origami Cranes

  1. Lol, the Pterodactyl cracked me up. It actually looks like it’s feeding on something.
    I like the gray crane you made on a thick paper. The added effect of the paper texture looks nice. 😀

    • Haha, I cracked myself up too! I like the silver (grey) paper as well but it was a little hard to work with!

      Oh and thanks for the link from your post too 🙂

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