For several years after building and moving into my own home, I still had blank walls.  I refused to buy generic prints from the multitude of frame stores that are about and I refused to buy pieces from places like Nick Scali, Freedom etc.  I didn’t want something that I’d potentially see in someone elses home as I like to be different.  I also couldn’t believe how much it cost for mass-produced, unoriginal art – it was way over my budget…

So I decided I’d make my own.  To design and produce something specific to me that perfectly suited the space.

This was my first attempt in 2007, which I designed to go in my home office/study.

I never liked it.

I like monochrome and I had this concept in my mind.  The colours worked perfectly for the room I designed it for but the design itself wasn’t what I saw in my mind so I was displeased with it.  In fact, everytime I looked at it, it annoyed the crap out of me!

My sister-in-law had always shown interest in it though.  She liked it from the word go and asked “if you ever get rid of that, can I have it?”.

She now does have it and it hangs on her lounge room wall which is a massive compliment!!  I was initially a tad concerned for her judgment (given I disliked it so much) but I guess she liked it for what it is, not what it could have been.  I like that she likes it, it made me feel pretty good that someone would choose to display something I created in their home.

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10 thoughts on “Zebra

    • Thanks Joel! The pic shows it in my house, I’ll try and get a pic with it in my sister-in-laws house soon. Her decor is completely different to mine but it still works!

  1. I like the painting! (it is a painting, right? not to assume, but just in case it is another technique.)
    It must feel great to know that someone else likes your work so much 🙂

    • Thank you! And yes, it is a painting. A combination of guache and acrylic on canvas. It does feel great to know someone else likes my work! I’ve since done some more work for my sister-in-law – I may post about this down the track 🙂

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