What’s with the owls?

Seriously, why do I keep seeing owls everywhere lately?  Not real ones – drawings, pictures, cards, teapots, cookie jars, purses – owls are IN this season it seems.  Ever since I did the whimsical drawing I see owls everywhere.

I couldn’t resist buying  this at the cutest little gift shop in Port Noarlunga yesterday.

First reason, it’s red – I like bright red (except if its sunburn, which I also bought home with me).  Second reason, it has more places to put those pesky plastic cards.  Third reason – owls.  I liked the owls.  I’m disturbed they have no tails but I like them anyway.  I’ve been sucked into the owl frenzy it seems.

So the owl purse inspired this…

What I’d like to know is why owls are referred to as wise when most of the ones I’ve seen lately (again, not real ones) look kinda daft, sleepy or shocked?  If they are “wise old owls” why are they portrayed as comical, dopey looking birds – mostly without tails?

Random post I know, but I’m pleased that I finally managed to doodle in less than 30 minutes!  Enjoy your Monday!

11 thoughts on “What’s with the owls?

  1. Yeah, I agree they seem to be everywhere recently. I’ve been looking at a nice bronze owl necklace, I’m thinking I’ll buy one once I pass around that store again. 😀

  2. I like owls too I just think they are really cool, I mean you got to admire a creature that can turn it’s head 180 degrees. They seem to be back in trend now but actually they are an quite old symbol. If memory serves me right they are the symbol of Athena the Greek warrior goddess who I think was also renown for her wisdom. Hence also the saying “caring owls to Athens” what means as much as bringing cake to a bakery because Athens used to be full (maybe still is) of owl figures as tribute to their goddess. So that much out of my box of useless information ;-). Love your blog xx

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