Off the Wall

I discovered Florence Broadhurst quite by accident.

I was severely hungover and attempting to find solace via the couch and tv when I stumbled across an ABC documentary about a woman, in the art industry, who died under suspicious and violent circumstances.  I love true crime and art so I stayed on channel only to find the program was nearly over.  My interest was piqued, I had to know more.

I discovered that Florence was to wallpaper as Elvis was to rock and roll.  I fell in love with her story and her work.  For starters, wallpaper is repetitive and I love repetition.  As a child produced in the 70’s, I remember wallpaper first-hand so I get lovely retro flashbacks to my childhood.  I had a good childhood so the memories are warm and comfortable, like returning home after a long holiday or coming indoors, drenched from a storm, to sit by the heater.

I remember entering the 90’s (maybe it was sooner) when wallpaper stopped being so fashionable and plain, blank walls became the “in thing”.  I remember the demise and removal of wallpaper in my childhood bedroom and being informed that wallpaper is a “total bitch” to remove.

While wallpaper IS a bitch to remove I do love the art aspect of it.  Florence Broadhurst embraced this – her designs had me spellbound and my mind was spinning with the potential for it’s use – not in the traditional manner but to complement other items like furniture, fabric or a canvas.  When I discovered Emma Hack’s collaboration Florence Broadhurst I was a combination of pumped and peeved.

I adore what she’s done, and was totally pumped at how she’s really revived the designs and brought them to life – literally.  I was peeved because I didn’t think of it first – well actually, I may have thought of the concept of bring wallpaper “off the wall” but I just didn’t act on it!

Florence Broadhurst


Florence Broadhurst vs Emma Hack

So my goal, for 2012, is to start what I’ve been toying with in my mind – a wallpaper vs furniture collaboration project.  I may not use Florence’s work specifically, but I’m inspired by it.

I have a piece of furniture that I can’t bare to part with.  I have no idea why really, perhaps it is because it was one of the first pieces of “grown up” furniture I owned when I first left home.  Perhaps it was because my parents bought it and Dad stained it for me.  It doesn’t fit my decor at all – it’s dated, in need of some TLC and really just stands out like “dog’s balls”.

However, after watching the Florence Broadhurst documentary and finding her designs I looked at my odd, sentimental piece of furniture and decided that the two should marry.  I shall make the necessary preparations and invite you all to the wedding!

Click here to read more on Florence Broadhurst.

Click here to view an Emma Hack & Florence Broadhurst collaboration.

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