Mistral Art

I recently went to the launch of Mistral Art’s solo exhibition – Kymatica.  The exhibition is about dark and light, love and hate, yin and yang – it’s about balance and equality.  It’s about having to experience the negative to appreciate the positive.  It’s about accepting that we all have opposing elements within us.

Mistral Art, aka Caitlin (or Cat as she’s affectionally called by her friends) is a bright, positive, funky and talented artist.  She is one of those rare people who have an impossibly beautiful soul and isn’t afraid to share it.  This is reflected in her work which is open, honest and raw and narrates her personal journey from anger, frustration and disappointment through to an almost serene acceptance.

Cat explained that some people paint what they see but she paints what she feels.

At a first glance this piece appears chaotic, even manic.  However, if you look closely you will see that everything on the canvas has a purpose, a meaning.  Then look again, you start seeing things you missed the first time around – it’s like one of those cd’s with the “secret bonus song” at the end, it just keeps giving well past what you first thought you were getting.  The texture is harsh, the colours are extreme and I can sense pent up frustration and rage.

Then, at the other end of the spectrum:

This is a work in progress, with some finishing touches to come, but I get the sense of a calmer, happier place.  I love the contrast between the muddled background and the crisp, defined tree.  I love the colours used and the bird accents.  It feels natural, content and tranquil like a newly discovered garden paradise.  It reminds me of spring and the hope of new beginnings that brings.

I love her work for many reasons.  It is unique, spontaneous and honest.   Her combination of texture, mixed media and colour communicate emotively.  Without talking to her I feel I understand what she’s trying to say – I may not know the specifics but I “get” her emotion, I can relate.

I love that she is not afraid to experiment and take risks.  She makes her own texture out of glue, toilet paper and plaster.  She uses sticks, collage and and paint to create a dimension that literally leaps out at you.  I want to reach out and touch it to see if my eyes are telling the truth.

I think mostly what I love is her freedom.  Her artwork, to me, seems to be a clear, unfettered flow of creativity without preconceived expectation.  Like she’s working directly from her subconscious without restriction – a direct conduit to her inner essence.

I’m the complete opposite.  While Mistral’s art is organic and fluid, mine is tense and controlled.  I tend plan with obsessive precision and become most disappointed if the actual creation is not like my mental picture.  She has inspired me to “loosen up”!

Do yourself a favour, visit her exhibition and feel it for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Mistral Art

  1. thank you so much for the kind words,darling , i can see you have all sort of creative and mental strengths also and it was such a please to meet a open and friendly person that you can share true ideas with and have a understanding of life and spiritual truths. I thank you so much for taking the time to understand a different form of art and i love that i am continually now in my life meeting loving and beautiful people that understand what it is that i conveying in my art. you biggest fan Mistral aka cat.love cat

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