Red Sunset

Traditionally, I’ve only ever shown family (and a few close friends) anything that I’ve ever produced.  If I’m honest, it is a fear of failure or rejection and my own “perfectionism flaw” that has prevented me from showing anyone else.  I think I know in my mind what it was meant to look like so I compare it to that and it comes up short.  I forget that people can’t read my mind and so may (or may not) like it simply for how it appears to them.

Anyway, I’ve decided to add concrete with my morning coffee and HTFU.  My aim is to post something I’ve created each week.  You can visit here to view them – it is a work in progress that will grow.  (I think my “professional coach” may call this a positive development!  Thank you Audrey!)

I would also like to thank a fellow art blogger for the inspiration to share my own work regularly.  Visit here to check out his work, he creates daily visual treats – you’ll love them!

I hope you will enjoy and I bravely look forward to any honest feedback that may be offered!

Acrylic on canvas. 30cm x 25cm.

Created purely for the hell of it but inspired by my Pa’s sunset painting that hung at the end of our hallway for many years.

4 thoughts on “Red Sunset

  1. I just LOVE this!! I’m impressed that you didn’t have to copy – even though the idea came from someone else’s work, you have made it your own original. Also impressed & proud that you have had the ‘courage’ to show the outside world your talent.

  2. Thank you.

    A small confession, I did also use a photograph I found on the internet for inspiration. So the idea may not be totally original but the acrylic on canvass part is – and I added my own points of difference too of course 🙂

  3. I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and this takes me back to Walnut beach where a young man and his girl walk hand in hand along the deserted beach at sunset. The breeze gently lifts her raven locks off her tan shoulders as the waves wash over the shore. The girl, her brilliant blue eyes, our youth and the promises we might have made or left unspoken are all long past, but sometimes nudged to the surface by a smell, or sound, or sight.

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