Picasso vs Mr Squiggle

When I think of famous artists, Picasso was the first name that popped into my head.  So what’s so good about this Spanish fella and his art?

He apparently produced around 22,000 works of out in various mediums throughout his 93 years on the planet – impressive huh?  Now that’s a challenge – hmmm I wonder how many I could produce if I start today?

It seems that Picasso, like me, just liked making art for the hell of it.  He experimented with different styles and subjects which lead to his work being categorised – the blue period, the rose period, cubism, line art, surrealism etc.  I guess if you have produced that much work there needs to be a way of cataloguing it so you remember it all…

So ole’ Pablo produced a lot of work, he  played with different mediums and experiemented and for some reason the masses liked what he did.  Why?  What was so good about what he produced that it became popular with enough people to make him famous while he was still living?

Picasso's Rooster

Take this line art for example,It’s cute!  I love it – it’s a fun, cheery rooster.  I can imagine this hanging on a wall in the bright kitchen of a quaint villa in some rural but coastal European town.  Maybe France?  If you’ve seen the movie Transporter with Jason Statham – this picture reminds me of the lead character, Frank’s, kitchen.

I like the colour combination used – it is bright and feels “happy” .  The simplicity of the lines is great – a lot of open space.  I really dig that a few simple lines have resulted in one happy looking rooster.

But what is artistically so special about it?  To be honest, it reminds me of  a game called “squiggles” that Dad and I used to play when I was a little kid (inspired by the TV character, Mr Squiggle “the man from the moon”).

Dad would draw a random line (squiggle) on a blank page and I’d have to add to it and make something out of it.  Sometimes we’d use different colour pencils to show the difference between his starting squiggle and my end product.

Perhaps Pablo’s dad drew him a squiggle?  (Is that blaphemy?)  If so, it is a very good squiggle – mine were quite juvenille and seemed to always wind up being faces – I don’t recall producing any roosters but I did (recently for posting purposes) produce something from the avain family!

My Squiggle

Ok, so after testing the squiggle theory I humbly concede that Picasso is much better at line drawing that I!

The faint pencil line in the squiggle above is Dad’s starting point.  He was most amused that, after about 30 years, I asked him to squiggle for me again which resulted in us both being attacked with a case of performance anxiety whereby neither of us were allowed to look while the other drew!!

I’m happy for you to berate me for my blasphemy, educate me on the artistic significance of Picasso and his rooster or even just tell me what you do or don’t like about it (or my Squiggle)!

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