Toilet Art

Toilet art.  Nope, I’m not talking about the classic public toilet variety.

I’m talking about decorating the toilet wall in your home or office with appealing artwork.

Is it considered an insult to the artist if you display their work in your toilet?  Twice I’ve put pictures that have been gifted to me in the toilet (not literally, that would be rude!)  which was met with disapproval from the gift giver.

Personally, I don’t think it is an insult.  I chose the space to hang the pictures because the colour scheme worked and I was in need of some creativity in an otherwise dull room.  A toilet is just another room you spend time in – for long or short periods so I don’t think it should be neglected.  And I think, to be fair, that art should adorn both walls so that it caters to both genders!

This is what’s on the wall of the smallest room in my house  (and benefits male visitors) and I’m planning an addition to the other wall very shortly to look after the chicks!

So what do you think?  Toilet art – insult or compliment?  Your views would be appreciated:


2 thoughts on “Toilet Art

  1. I don’t feel as though I can vote on your question because I think I would like another option – to check both answers.
    On the one hand, having an artwork hung anywhere is an absolute compliment. For anyone to even accept/own/like something enough to hang would be the highest accolade which could be paid to an artist.
    On the other hand, to have that artwork hang in a room which not everyone visits in the premises (home, office, public place), could be seen as “not good enough for public viewing”.
    Personally, I would love to look at something other than grotty wall scribblings of bored graffitists when I visit a public toilet but having said that, I don’t think I’d want my artwork (or that of someone I know) hung somewhere so obscure.
    When I visit the toilet in a private home, I am always fascinated by what is deccorating the walls …. however, I have just realised that the toilet walls in my own home are bare.
    Now I have the conundrum …. do I hang anything and if so, what???

    • I do see your point but I hope poor Pa does not feel the same! With regard to your own toilet – perhaps you could commission “someone” to create you some “toilet-specific” art? An artist who may not mind their work being hung in your loo!

      Oh, and I know “someone” who may help you out 🙂

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